Tracking political attitudes & opinions in Wales up to the National Assembly Elections on May 5th 2016

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Our first poll was conducted across Wales between the 22nd and 24th July 2015 using a sample size of 1566 randomized postcodes across Wales.

One noticeable factor is the difference that manifests itself in the proportion of Plaid Cymru voting intention for these elections rather than the General Election. Whilst Plaid Cymru were polling between 6% and 15% prior to May 2015, the voting intention for the Welsh Assembly is far closer to the 20% mark. 

Another item worth noting is the seeming non-recovery of the Welsh Liberal Democrats, trailing behind Wales Green Party on 5%. 

If this poll holds any bearing on what we can expect for after May 6th 2016, Wales could certainly wake up to a six-party National Assembly and no-overall control. 

National Polling up to April 2015.